compatible hp 87a 87x cf287a toner cartridge 2 pack


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Solid product with good service to back it up

Purchased this 2 pack and the first cartridge worked like a charm. Print crisp copies easily and at significantly lower costs than anywhere else. However, the second cartridge was defective and continued to cause paper jams. I'm not sure what caused the problem, but when I replaced the faulty toner everything worked fine. When I tried the defective toner again, I got a paper jam. I tried it at least 4 or 5 times. I messaged the seller and received really great customer service. They promptly sent a new device, which I received a few days after I was notified of the problem. The new one also works great.

Affordable product with good printing

The product works as advertised. And at half the price. Demand for our properties will continue to vary.

Sharon M
The quality is just as good the size is almost as good and 400 percent cheaper

Works just as well, lasts almost as long and is 400% cheaper, 5 stars from me. I'm not sure why big brands are so eager to take advantage of people and charge exorbitant fees. I can buy 4-5 of these for the price of one from the original manufacturer.

Great value with impressive performance

Comparable to original HP ink. Excellent price and excellent print quality, lasts for months even with intensive use.

Ardeth C
Cartridge is jammed in the printer the design is completely different from the original hp product

The ink cartridge was installed and I immediately had printing problems. I tried to remove the cartridge from the printer but it got stuck in the printer. Unfortunately about 30 days after the return period.

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