CF280A | Compatible 80A Toner Cartridge for HP 80A CF280A 80X CF280X for HP Laserjet Pro 400 M401A M401D M401N M401DNE MFP M425DN M401 Printer Ink (Black, 4-Pack | CF280AD1)


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Customer Reviews

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Very little toner. Very small.

You will get the one on the right. You can get a bigger one for this price. Unfortunately, the seller did not specify the capacity, so I would not recommend this product.

leti's phone
needs to be improved

The cost of this is worth it, but only if you're not printing anything other than printing. Large bold fonts or black bars will cause problems with ink sticking to the media without lifting.

Uh, it could be better

Certainly not the number of pages advertised, but at such a low price you get what you pay for. On the bright side, I used a ton of them and none of them spilled ink on my printer.

William B. Ponsot
Make sure the cartridge is in good condition

Usually these cartridges are good, but I recently had a bad one that I didn't realize had a small crack on one end and a missing spring. When I put the cartridge in the HP printer, it exploded and the toner went everywhere. Make sure the cartridge is intact, otherwise you will have a mess on your hands.

ms cfo
No, it's different

HP ink cartridges are too expensive. But these are indeed different.Lasting only a few months, almost every page bears what one commenter calls a "mark of shame."There are black marks every inch or so that definitely shouldn't be there can just print something for myself, but I will never be able to use any of these pages professionally.

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